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How to maintain your aluminum folding kayak ?

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Is an aluminium frame less resistant than a wooden frame?

A kayak with an aluminum frame is just as strong as a wooden frame. Tubes are anodized for better protection against corrosion and navigation in salt water.

Nevertheless, good maintenance is essential. Here are a few tips to apply to your aluminium folding kayaks such as the Raid 325 or the Narak Cross range of kayaks.


  • Don’t leave your kayak continually assembled.

Disassemble it at least once a month and carefully lubricate joints and sliding rings with a silicone lubricant.

If you do not do this regularly, you may not be able to disassemble tubes due to salt and alumina deposits.



Cleaning your aluminum-frame kayak

  • Periodically, remove the frame from the hull and clean the hull of accumulated sand and gravel.
  • Wash your kayak with clear water when you use it in the sea and let it dry, assembled, turned over, and floats deflated.
  • Remove any salt that may accumulate on the frame and wipe it with a silicone cloth.

Periodic minor maintenance work is better than major late maintenance.